An Update from pastor joe

Since we recently learned that Joe Pascoe is going to be our new lead pastor in just a few short months, there's a lot that you might be wondering! Pastor Joe has written us a letter and recorded a video that will provides some answers. You can read a PDF of that letter here and watch the video below! 


COVID-19 Response:

Small groups

Another aspect of our lives together as believers is meeting for small groups. 

Since we are not encouraging that people be meeting for these groups in-person, we have some instructions on how to utilize Google Hangouts to still be able to meet over video. The instructions will be included in a printable PDF form that you can find here.

Download Google Hangouts for Apple or Android

Click here to make a Google Account if you do not have one. 

Our new pastor!

We are excited to announce the decision for a new pastor has been made at BPUMC! We hope that you will take some time to read the letter and watch the video below this (scroll down to see that).

You can find that official announcement letter here.

OUr New Pastor (Video)!

Here is the video that was recorded by our current pastors as well as our new pastor to introduce us! 

We hope that you will take a couple minutes to watch it!


covid-19 Response:

a New Letter from our pastors

Our lead pastors, Bill and Kristen Allen, have written a few letters to all of us in the church about how BPUMC is dealing with this ongoing issue. Below you can find a link to the most recent one. We ask that you would take some time to read it. If you have any questions, you can direct them to our church office.

You can find a PDF of this letter by clicking on this link here.

Covid-19 REsponse:

The first letter from our pastors

We know that Coronavirus is an issue that is heavy on all of our hearts. Our pastors have given out a statement that explains what we are and are not doing in response. You can read it here:

Dear Bemus Point United Methodist Church Family,

As our world is grappling with the rapidly-changing reality of the coronavirus, we want you to know that we are responding on the local level. As the situation continues to evolve, we will keep you informed about how this affects our life together as a church family.

First, as children of God, we want to urge you to respond with faith rather than fear. We remember that through the power of Jesus Christ, “God did not give us a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power, love, and a sound mind” (2 Tim. 1:7). Our lives are in God’s hands, and nothing – not even a global pandemic – can separate us from his love. Let us be people who share the much-needed gifts of prayer and peace with our family and friends.

Second, we’d like to let you know the steps our church is taking to keep you and our community as safe as possible. Our custodial staff are sanitizing door handles and high-use surfaces on a systematic and regular basis, in addition to their regular cleaning. Hand sanitizer is available in dispensers in various locations in the church building. All sinks have soap for proper handwashing.

If you are sick with any flu-like symptoms, we encourage you to stay home from worship. If you are part of a vulnerable population and don’t feel comfortable being in larger group of people, please do not feel guilty about staying home. Please let us know how we can pray for you or be of help.

During worship we will encourage alternative forms of greeting instead of shaking hands or hugging until this has passed. We have made plans for serving communion next month in a manner that avoids all cross-contamination through the bread and juice.

We will continue to gather for worship on Sundays and in our regularly-scheduled activities unless we get further guidance from state or local officials that would change those plans. If that should happen, we will keep you informed.

Sisters and brothers in Christ, we have a unique opportunity to be a light shining in a world that has suddenly become darker and more fearful. Let’s take care of each other, look after our neighbors in need, and comfort and pray for those who are feeling vulnerable. Let’s go deep into prayer and ask God to use us to bring some good out of this very difficult time.

As always, please know that we welcome your questions and would love to hear from you if we can be of help.

Serving with You,

Pastors Bill & Kristen