Here are a few resources to help you in your understanding and study of Scripture.  

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A Hop, Skip, and a jump through the bible

by j. ellsworth kalas

The aim of this book is to highlight the wonders of the Bible for readers both familiar and unfamiliar with them.  In doing so, Kalas shows that the Bible is not simply a collection of stories of the past, but rather is our own continuing story of God's relationship with the human race.

The Last word

by n.t. wright

In this succinct and significant book, N.T. Wright delivers a helpful lesson for our times on how to understand the place of scripture and the authority that the Bible can still hold in the midst of the religious confusion so prevalent today.

what have they done with jesus?

By ben witherington III

This is an excellent book that supports the Biblical account of Jesus while examining recent discoveries and theories that seek to undermine the reliability of the Bible.  Witherington highlights core Christian claims by investigating the major figures in Jesus’s inner circle of followers. What Have They Done with Jesus? is a vigorous defense of traditional Christianity that offers a compelling portrait of Jesus’s core message according to those who knew him best.

The New testament documents: 

are they reliable?

By F.F. Bruce

Christianity is founded upon historical events.  If the claims and life of Jesus are mere fabrications, Christianity collapses.  Since the New Testament is the primary historical source, its reliability is a crucial issue.   In this book, F.F. Bruce presents the results of modern research and sound historical scholarship in a readable form.