Royal family kids' camp

BPMC's Royal Family KIDS' Camp is part of a nationwide network of camps for children you have suffered from abuse, abandonment, and neglect. We are one of over 250 camps across the nation who hold a one week overnight camp for hurting children ages 7 - 11. Our campers come predominately from Chautauqua County Protective Services and foster homes in Chautauqua County and surrounding areas. 

This camp succeeds because of thousands of volunteer hours given by a wonderful group of passionate people. Our goal is to interrupt the cycle of abuse and create positive memories and experiences with each camper while instilling the hope of a better future. We give our campers a week of royal treatment and show each of them that they ARE worthy of love. 

Carolynn Wesp, Royal Family Director, volunteers her time to oversee all aspects of RFKC. She spent 33 years in elementary education and has vast amounts of experience with the type of children served by this camp. She is dedicated to providing a safe one of a kind camp experience for her campers and recruiting and training volunteers who are able to show God's unconditional love. She has seen the power of God's love first hand and the changes that can happen in just one fun-filled Christ centered week. One week CAN and DOES help to change the trajectory of a child's life and there are two ways that you can help! 

#1 Volunteers are always needed! You can get involved as a volunteer in big ways or small ways...but ALL are very important! Contact Carolynn to learn about volunteer opportunities. Your gift of time, talents and love can help change lives. 

#2 Since 1998, camp has relied solely on the donations from faithful financial partners within our community. That's over 20 years of generosity from area churches, individuals, businesses, and organizations! Royal Family KIDS' Camp would not be able to continue serving the hurting children of Chautauqua County without the continued support of so many. Contact Carolynn Wesp if you'd like her to come speak to your organization so that you can learn more about this incredible ministry!

You can learn more about this national ministry at

To donate, checks should be made out directly to BPUMC with a notation of RFKC in the memo line and mailed to the church at P.O. Box 99 in Bemus Point. 

This year's camp will be help from August 8-12

Carolynn Wesp



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Get involved

There are many ways you can get involved in Royal Family KIDS' Camp...some are big and some are small...but ALL are very important! Below you will find a few explanations of some of our positions. All require some training and a background check of course, in order to keep our campers safe! Won't you please consider joining our team? You will find that it blesses you as much as it does the kids! 

camp counselors

A counselor is necessary for every two campers. It's a great camper/counselor ratio that allows you to really get to know your campers and to create a tight bond. This position requires you to be at camp all week while demonstrating God's love. It requires that you play and have fun with your how hard is that? 

Roving counselors, who aren't assigned specific campers, but fill in as needed when a counselor needs a break, are also needed. Being a rover allows you to get to know all of the campers! 

Drama/Music helpers

Each morning at camp is spent in the chapel where the campers learn, in fun ways, about God's love for them. RFK curriculum, games, and music are provided, but creative minds are needed to pull it all together. These positions do not require you to stay at camp and only require a 2-3 hour daily commitment. 

camp nurses

Each camp week a registered nurses are required to ensure the safety of all campers and volunteers. He/she dispenses medications and bandaids and a lot of love...and hopefully nothing more! The pay isn't good but here's always plenty of time to have fun with the campers in this rewarding position! 

camp social worker

Having an experienced social worker on site all week is key to having a successful camp. These important folks have a heart for children and serving those in need. Their special skills are invaluable! 


Our fishing station is a favorite among the campers and help is always needed to help bait hooks, untangle lines, and encourage the campers to try something new. 

Fisher-women can apply too! You need only come for a few hours during the week. 

night staff

Each night two adults are needed in each of the four cabins, to act as special guardian angels in case a camper wakes up with a night time need. Our nights are usually uneventful, but the night staff role is an important one because it gives our campers a sense of security and allows our counselors to get some much needed sleep. If you volunteer for this role, we will have beds prepared for you and once all campers are asleep, you can get some rest too! Won't you consider volunteering for one night at camp? 

carolynn wesp

Royal Family's Director, Carolynn Wesp, has devoted her life to children. She spent 33 years in elementary education and has a vast amount of experience with the type of children served through RFKC. Four of her summers were spent as a counselor with Royal Family before taking over as director in 2014. She is dedicated to providing a one of a kind camp experience for her campers and recruiting volunteers who are able to show God's unconditional love. She has seen first hand the power of God's love and the changes that can happen in just one fun-filled Christ centered week. 

You can reach your local camp director at (716) 499-0806

Volunteering with Royal Family KIDS' Camp makes a BIG difference in the lives of abused, abandoned, and neglected children in Chautauqua County. Help is also needed to transport, set up, and unload things at camp, with registration, and with setting up for the birthday party. Your gift of time, talents, and love can help change lives. 


One week CAN help to change the trajectory of a child's life, and there are many ways that you can help! Won't you consider becoming part of our Royal Family?