"You've probably heard the saying, "blessed to be a blessing." That's actually far more than a neat slogan - it has been God's plan for his people from the time he first called Abraham to form a new people who would be his very own. "And I will bless you...and you will be a blessing" (Genesis 12:2). We know that God has always sought to reach and restore people through blessing, and that he uses regular followers of Jesus (like us) to be that means of blessing. And if we're honest, we love the idea of blessing others and helping them know God's love, but we don't always know how." 

- Pastor Kristen Allen

Welcome to BLESS, our new series that will look at how we can live on a mission to bless others.

Join a BLESS Small Group!

  • Sunday at 10am at BPUMC (Rob Westcott)
  • Monday at 6:15pm at BPUMC (Mary Carpenter)
  • Monday at 6:30pm in Falconer (Bob & Brenda Minton)
  • Tuesday at 7pm in Bemus Point (Dewey Carlson)
  • Tuesday at 7pm at BPUMC (Larry & Laura Nelson)
  • Wednesday at 1:30pm in Bemus Point (Vi Davidson)
  • Wednesday at 6:30pm in Fluvanna (Deb & Rob Westcott)
  • Wednesday at 7pm in Bemus Point (Jackson & Katie Graham)
  • Wednesday at 7pm at BPUMC (Pastors Bill & Kristen Allen)
  • Thursday at 6pm in Lakewood (Tim & Aruna Swauger)
  • Thursday at 7pm in Dewittville (Roger & Arlene Connelly)
  • Saturday at 10am in Jamestown (Kathy Swanson)

Small Group Study guide

Click here to download the small group study guide.


Here you will find each week of the BLESS sermon series that follows the small group curriculum.

Small Group Videos

These videos were shown in each week of the BLESS series in small groups that meet together. 

If you were unable to join a small group or would like to rewatch the material, check out the videos below.