library policies

Materials selection policy

The following are policies that will guide the library in accepting donations and the acquisition of resources and materials:

  1. The library's collection will include books, DVDs, and CDs emphasizing Christian themes
  2. The library will include selective adult and children's fiction
  3. The library will include items from both religious and secular publishers/producers

donation guidelines

The following will guide decisions regarding donations to the library:

  1. Does the item help fulfill the mission statement statement of the Bemus Point Methodist Church?
  2. Does the item promote, or at least not detract from the specific theology of the Bemus Point Methodist Church?
  3. Does the item help us learn about other faiths accurately?
  4. Does the item fill a need or an interest in our congregation?
  5. Is this item repetitive?
  6. Are the author and publisher credible?
  7. Is the item well written/produced?
  8. Is the item in good condition?
  9. If there is violence, is it appropriate to the material and the audience? Is it balanced by a redeeming quality?